Break Out The Rich Colors of Fall! Thrifted Style After 60


Camel-hair Blazer in Burnt Orange

It’s Autumn here in Connecticut and the trees are changing colors. I love it! I got the chance to wear one of my favorite Fall colors this weekend at a neighborhood harvest festival. I wore this burnt orange camel-hair blazer. Thrifted of course. What a match to all the colors of the pumpkins and mums at the festival! I love the colors of Fall! Don’t you? What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

Autumn in CT.  Wearing @Ugg Boots and handbag by


How To Style Mixed Prints: Quick Guide

I usually shy away from mixing prints, like stripes with polka dots, but I've seen styles that really seem to flow. It's making me take a second look. My style is conservative, but I think I can go outside the box, a little. Now, I don't want to look like I'm wearing a clown outfit, but perhaps I should investigate this further.   

Recently, one of my favorite stylists, @iamdionnedean, demonstrated a little somethin' somethin' with mixed prints, and I gotta tell ya, I didn't hate it. She matched a pink and white polka dot sweater with a striped muliti-colored dress. The key, according to Dionne, is to match the different prints with colors from the same family.  It totally worked for her!  I encourage you to check out her content for great styling tips, especially with second-hand fashion finds.

So, I tried it with this vintage plaid blazer that I thrifted recently from @Goodwill. The dominant colors in my blazer are light brown, rust and camel, with black stripes. I paired it with a brown and tan animal print scarf.  So, some of the colors in both the scarf and blazer are from the same family. The scarf is small enough that it doesn't overwhelm the eye or make the whole outfit look too busy. I think.

I'm going to play around with this mixed prints concept a little more. It may grow on me yet!

Let me know if you've ever intentionally mixed prints when putting together an outfit. 


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