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Confessions of a Thrift-Addict

These are the confessions of a thrift-addict. I want to share some of the changes that I went through as a result of being on lockdown due to the pandemic.  I hope everyone is doing well.  How it Started I was ( and still am) on lockdown, but I noticed some of my buddies on YouTube were already out there thrifting and shopping at other stores.  They were going places and I had not left my house in months. I gotta tell you it was not easy. I have to take a deep breath every time I think about it. I'm doing better now, but I have to tell you it was really, really hard! The Thrill of the Thrift I'm used to going thrifting at least once a week -- sometimes twice a week. Sometimes I'm thrifting for myself. Sometimes I'm thrifting for resale.  Sometimes I'm there just because I love to be in that kind of environment. But I must confess that it is really hard when you're so dependent on just being in a thrift store. I don't know about you, but I g

How To Decorate a Pink and White Easter Tablescape

Welcome back to Life on Greenwood! I'm putting together a little tablescape for Easter. I don't usually display a lot of Easter décor, but this year I wanted to decorate a table. No, I’m not expecting company for dinner. Is anybody these days? What I Used So, I’ll be adding a few things that I recently purchased from Marshalls. The napkins are pink and white gingham with a cute little bunny looking straight at me.  They come in a pack of four.  I’m also using four miniature ceramic bowls that also have little bunnies on them. They are so adorable! They come two to a pack and I think they were like $4.99.  The plates that I’ll be using are from thrift days gone by. I’ll be incorporating an enormous pink and white ceramic egg, which when open, resembles a cookie jar. I guess it could be used for cookies or other goodies. This was a Marshalls purchase for $9.99. It’s so pretty! Using Thrift Finds to Decorate Let me say that the majority of the décor on my dining room t

How To Decoupage Easter Eggs

I made a beautiful decoupage egg!  This started out as a hollow, 2-piece thrifted egg, made of some kind of plaster. The prior owner had applied some kind of a lace bib around the egg. Yeah, it was hideous!  I thought about painting it first, but I'm glad I didn't! I had decoupaged other projects before, so that's what I decided to do. I already had leftover supplies, so everything I needed was on hand. What You Need You'll need strips of paper or cloth, glue or Mod Podge and that's it!  The Process I used blue and white paper decorative napkins that were leftover from another project. They were an Amazon purchase. Here's the link: They are two-ply, so I separated them and discarded the white lining. Then I tore enough strips to cover the entire egg. I purchased my napkins online, but you could use any napkins you have on hand.  I separated the egg so that I could work on one half at a time. I applied a generous amount of Mod Podge to a small surface of the egg

How To Overcome Your Struggle With House Plants

I’ll be the first to tell you that I do not have a green thumb. Over the years, I’ve killed my share of houseplants; mostly due to neglect.  I recall bringing home clippings thrown away by the landscapers at work and rooting them in water and later planting them in soil. I would nurse those babies until they grew nice and strong!   And then, I would forget to water them! And I’d forget for a week or two until there was no coming back for them.  I was bad! I am getting much better.  Currently, I have four Spider Plants.   Actually, there’s one mother and three offspring.   Spider Plants are supposed to be some of the easiest plants to maintain. My biggest challenge with the mother Spider Plant was figuring how much water was needed and how much sunlight to provide.  What Worked For My Plants Research states that Spider plants should not receive direct sunlight.  So, I relocated the plants near a window in the living room where they would get low to medium sunlight.  To help with the wat

Are Fancy Hats Making a Come-back?

Are fancy hats making a come-back?  I say they never left! My fancy hats or big hats, as I like to call them, have been put away but will be put back into service once the virus allows businesses and churches, etc. to re-open.  When Can I Wear a Fancy Hat? I love, love, love the look of a fancy hat and what it can do for an outfit! That classic little black dress becomes more stylish when accessorized with a hat.   How about a cute hat to match your favorite sundress?  That mother-of-the-bride dress will be taken to the next level with a matching fancy hat! I'll be breaking out a fancy hat in observance of Women's History Month. Back in the day, our grandmothers wore hats all the time. It was second nature. Y'all remember Nana and her hats, right? How Big is Too Big? Let's not even talk about fancy hats at church! The bigger, the more elaborate and festive, the better!  I've seen hats with embellishments like birds, flowers, feathers, netting and gem stones.

Why You Should Make Your Bed Each Morning

I make my bed every morning. It’s a habit. When I think about it, I may have gotten this from my mother or it could just be an obsessive/compulsive trait that I have. Anyway, it makes me feel good. I feel like I have accomplished something first thing in the morning.  It freaks me out when hubby wakes up AFTER me and doesn't make the bed. He's perfectly fine with it. I see it as unfinished business. But that's me. Someone Famous Once Said Here is a quote to something I heard a few years ago that resonated with me: “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride. And will encourage you to do another  task.  And another.  And another. And by the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed…”           -  Admiral William H. McRaven  Conclusion For me, a bed that's made signifies order and calmness.  So, are you on Team Bed Making? Disclosure: Lin

Budget-Friendly Lemon Vignette

  Lemons brighten any room, especially the kitchen. I created a quick vignette for my kitchen counter using budget-friendly items. What I Did First, I painted a thrifted ginger jar with white spray paint, giving it new life. This ginger jar was in my stash from a previous thrift haul. I paid $5 for it. I knew when I bought it that I would end up painting it. Here's my thinking: When I go into the thrift store, I try to imagine how I would use certain items. Even if the item is not in my preferred color, I try to think of ways to upcycle it to make it into something that would work for me. I arranged a few tall stems of faux lemon branches in the ginger jar. These were leftover stems purchased a few years ago. To complete the vignette, I placed a lemon-themed plate from the dollar store on an easel. Easy and so pretty! Not everyone decorates for the seasons. I do, just a little. Do you? Conclusion I ended up making three little vignettes for my kitchen counter using thrifted and dol

How to Decorate With Blue and White Decor

I don't know when my obsession with blue and white porcelain began, but let me tell you, I got it bad!  I think that a large blue and white ginger jar can brighten any decor. My eyes are immediately drawn to blue and white home accessories whenever I enter a thrift shop or regular retail store.  I will admit that there are periods when I will put myself on time-out and just abstain from making any purchases. I have to. Otherwise, I'd be broke!  Best Place to Find Blue and White Pieces But I've had a few good runs. First of all, the thrift store is the best place to score quality pieces at really good prices. But it's hit or miss. You might not find anything on your first trip, so you will have to constantly be on the lookout! The teapot below was a thrift find which I used in a recent kitchen counter vignette. Other Places to Shop  Of course, you can always find blue and white porcelain pieces at retail stores, like Marshall's, Ross, and Hobby Lobby. I found several