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Peach Cobbler Easy Recipe

How are your baking skills? Well, I did a thing the other day. I made my very first peach cobbler! You couldn't tell me anything when that thing came out of the oven! And it was delicious!  I took the recipe from several sources. I watched a ton of videos and googled my little fingers off until I was sure I could pull it off.  Funny thing. My mother could whip up a peach cobbler in no time. The recipe was in her head. Hers was lightly sweet and juicy. And the dumplings! This was a thickening dough that floated around in her cobbler that gave it a spectacular consistency. Oh, my God! And there was no pre-made or store bought pie crust. Everything was from scratch.   Well, my mother was a better woman than I because I knew I wasn't going to be making anything from scratch! Let's be real. Regardless, I was going to give my first peach cobbler my best shot! Ingredients Needed For Peach Cobbler So, my final recipe was a blend of several that I had found online. Here's what y

Rock Garden for Beginners

Got a bare patch in your backyard? Grass won't grow? Create a rock garden!  To say we had bare patches in our backyard is putting it mildly. We had a desert! Over the years, a huge part of the backyard had become shaded by a tree and the desert was getting bigger each year. This combined with our personal neglect lead to a dry, dusty condition. So, we hired a landscaper and lawn treatment expert to help rehab our lawn. Before they got started, I decided to mark off a small area for a rock garden. I've never done this before, but I was confident that I could make this work. So, let's start at the beginning! Where do you get rocks? Your big box hardware store, nursery or quarry carries rocks. But if you live in Connecticut, you should be able to find rocks right in your backyard. We had tons of rocks! I spent a few hours digging up large and small rocks and moving them over to the area that I mapped out for my garden.  Prepping The Soil I used a rake and a hoe to clear pocket

Creative Home Office Organization Idea

  Have you ever considered using a garment rack as the focal point in one of your rooms?  I had been staring into a blank uninspiring corner of my home office every day. It didn't bother me too much because I'm not a fan of clutter or filling a space just for the sake of saying it's decorated. But when I came across the Instagram post below with a garment rack and neutrals as the base, I wanted to see if I could recreate a similar vignette.   What appealed to me most about the inspiration post was the sense of calmness that I got from the neutral palate. Several articles of white clothing hung from a garment rack surrounded by a white backdrop.  White shoes lined the bottom of the garment rack, adding to the crispness. An oversized vase of pampas and candles complimented the scenario. Matching hangers also added to the cohesive look. Time to make this happen! PREPPING  Step One: To get started with my recreation, I needed to clear my garment rack. I had several resale cloth

Cuisinart Coffee Center Product Review

  I replaced my Keurig coffee maker with a Cuisinart Coffee Center . Great decision! My old coffee maker was on its last legs, so we really needed! We are big coffee drinkers. We liked the simplicity of the single-serve feature, but we also wanted an option to make a pot of brewed coffee. Two things that were important in our search for a new coffee maker were 1)we needed something reliable that would make a good cup of coffee; and 2) we didn't want to spend 30-minutes each morning brewing a pot of coffee. I researched the internet and found several coffee makers with dual systems. We chose the Cuisinart Coffee Center . Cuisinart has a reputation for making quality products, so we felt comfortable with our decision. Link to the Cuisinart product site is here:  Product Features The new coffee maker is beautiful! The black and stainless steel design compliments my kitchen decor. Large water reservoirs. Control panel with buttons for single-serve 6

Mother's Day Traditions and Customs

Several years ago, I participated in a Youtube collaboration to talk about some of the Mother's Day traditions and customs shared by my family and friends. It took me some time to come up with something, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. And then, I was sad. Sad that I had totally forgotten all about a very important tradition. OUR TRADITION It was the tradition in my town to wear a flower corsage or boutonniere on Mother's Day. Everyone wore a small carnation in honor of their mother. We wore either a pink, red, white or yellow carnation and everyone knew the significance of each color. My Mother's Day video is below: SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CARNATION For example, you would wear either a red or pink carnation if your mother was still living. If your mother was deceased, you honored her by wearing a white or yellow carnation.  As a child, I remember my mother would run from store to store to make sure we had a carnation to wear to church on Mother's Day. It was criti

How To Whitewash a Brick Fireplace

  We had an old red brick fireplace that really made our family room look dated. No matter what kind of decor I put on the mantel, the red brick stood out like a sore thumb. I hated it!   I did so much research on different brick treatments that would brighten my room.  I was torn between painting the bricks or  going with a white-wash treatment. For those of you who don't know, the process of white-washing is like painting, but the paint is watered down first, applied to the brick and then wiped off.   White-washing seemed like a good option for me because, truth be told, I was afraid to paint the fireplace a solid white color.  The thought of going from dark red brick to stark white was a little frightening, but I really wanted to do something with the brick that would brighten the room. I watched a ton of how-to videos before I picked up my paint brush. I ended up with a limewash product from Romabio in the color Bianco. It's a really white color lime wash paint. I'll