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Your girl installed a whole peel and stick tile backsplash! I bought a townhouse back in 2004. It was a new build with mostly builder-grade amenities. Over the years I have painted a few rooms, but there are large sections of the house that remain untouched. You know that flat white paint that the builders use that catches every scuff? Well, I still have it.

So, I've decided to do a few upgrades, starting by adding a much needed kitchen backsplash. I decided to try peel and stick tiles. There are so many styles out there. Cost and ease of installation were important to me since I would be doing this project on my own. Another thing, this townhouse is not my primary residence and I really didn't want to make a huge investment at this time.

After searching the internet, I selected Tic Tac Tiles and they graciously sent me five samples from their peel and stick collection. I had a tough decision to make! I polled my social media followers for feedback on which way I should go. The response was overwhelmingly positive! I chose the Metallic Marble White peel and stick tile. Great decision!

So how did I do?

Tips - Things You Must Consider

  1. Clean your walls thoroughly with a degreaser. If you have stuck-on grease spots, use a steel wool pad or something similar to scrape off the gunk. A clean surface is a must in order to get maximum adhesion!
  2. Use the proper tools. Scissors, level, ruler or measuring tape and a pencil are about all you will need to install vinyl peel and stick. For more durable peel and stick tile like Metallic Marble White tiles, I would recommend a utility knife instead of scissors. 
  3. Before applying a sheet of tile to the wall, peel the paper backing half way. This will give you a little more control so the entire sheet of tile doesn't adhere to the wall before you have it properly lined up. It's really sticky! Slowly peel back the rest of paper covering as you adhere the tile to the wall. In the case of Metallic Marble White, one end of the sheet of tile simply interlocks and snaps into place. 

The Hard Part - Cutting Around Outlets

If you're working with vinyl tile, cutting around outlet covers should be pretty easy. Because the Metallic Marble White tiles is much thicker than vinyl, I used my utility knife to score the area that I wanted to cut. Then I used wire cutters to nip away at the tile until I had the results I needed.

The Good Part - No Grouting

I love my tile backsplash!  And the best part is, I did it myself! With Metallic Marble White peel and stick tiles, you get the look of real stone tile, without the hassle of grouting. I don't mind that at all! 


Next on my list?  Paint the kitchen cabinets!  Feel free to use my coupon code to order any tile from Tic Tac Tiles.

Use code: LIFEONGREENWOOD15 for 15% any tile style. Valid until 3/27/22 at midnight.                

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Miral Studio Lipstick and Nails Review

I don't usually write about glamour or beauty. There are more than enough influencers on social media to take care of that. But when a company reached out to me with an offer to try their lipstick and press-on nails, I figured, why not?  I mean, I wear make-up. I like make-up. I've been wearing make-up for over 50 years. 

That company is Miral Studio. I tried their 2-in-1 Matte Lipstick  and Liquid Lipstick as well as their Reusable False Nails. The nails were quite nice. Each set of nails comes with a separate sheet of little adhesive pads. I tried on a set of Short Solid Color Matte Black. So cute and unobtrusive!

I also sampled their RGLL 10 liquid lipstick. What an awesome red! The liquid formula glided on with absolutely amazing coverage! No bleeding. And get this. It lasted for hours! Definitely a keeper. 

Their nude lip coverage, RGLL08, is also a luscious color, which on me appears to be a mixture of tan and orange. I like it!  It's hard to find a good nude lippy, especially for women of color. 

So will I start doing more beauty content? Who knows? But I did have fun trying on these products!

Interested in trying these products? Click here

Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life on Greenwood and allowing me to continue to bring you valuable content



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