Miral Studio Lipstick and Nails Review

I don't usually write about glamour or beauty. There are more than enough influencers on social media to take care of that. But when a company reached out to me with an offer to try their lipstick and press-on nails, I figured, why not?  I mean, I wear make-up. I like make-up. I've been wearing make-up for over 50 years. 

That company is Miral Studio. I tried their 2-in-1 Matte Lipstick  and Liquid Lipstick as well as their Reusable False Nails. The nails were quite nice. Each set of nails comes with a separate sheet of little adhesive pads. I tried on a set of Short Solid Color Matte Black. So cute and unobtrusive!

I also sampled their RGLL 10 liquid lipstick. What an awesome red! The liquid formula glided on with absolutely amazing coverage! No bleeding. And get this. It lasted for hours! Definitely a keeper. 

Their nude lip coverage, RGLL08, is also a luscious color, which on me appears to be a mixture of tan and orange. I like it!  It's hard to find a good nude lippy, especially for women of color. 

So will I start doing more beauty content? Who knows? But I did have fun trying on these products!

Interested in trying these products? Click here

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