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Terrariums For Beginners

I'm not good with plants, so I jumped at the thought of making a terrarium. I mean, you buy a few succulents and stick them under glass. Right?  Can you go wrong with succulents? I had heard that they were pretty resilient and hardly needed any attention. That's right up my alley since I've been known to be quite challenged in the gardening area.  My first stop was to my local Dollar Tree where I purchased three different types of stones.  My research indicated that placing stones at the bottom of the terrarium allows for proper drainage and keeps plant roots from sitting in wet soil.   My next stop was Home Depot. They have a nice selection of succulent plants--some for a little as two dollars.  I already had potting soil in my garage, so no cost there. So let's recap.  Here's what you'll need: 1)  Stones. Use a variety of stones if you want a more elaborate layering effect. I like the mixture of dark and light stones.  The contrast looks great through the gla
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How to Clean Pine Cones in 3 Easy Steps

I'm going to show you how to clean, prepare and decorate pine cones in three easy steps. Lucky for me, I was able to find pine cones right in my backyard.  Actually, the pine cones came from my neighbors trees, but they fell into my yard.  I walked around the yard and collected several that were perfect specimens.  First, I had to clean them. They had a lot of grass and dirt on them, so I wet them a little bit to see if I could get rid of some of that gunk . During this rinsing process I noticed that the pine cones started to close up. This is natural. They usually open up again during the baking process.   So let's talk about the cleaning process.  One of the tutorials I researched suggested letting the pine cones soak for a couple of hours,  so I  soaked my pine cones for about 3 hours in a mixture of water and vinegar . Use 3 parts water/1 part vinegar. After about one hour of soaking, wipe as much sap and dirt off each pine cone, then let them soak a while longer. Next,  pl

"There Are No Thrift Stores Near Me" - Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

"There are no thrift stores near me". Some of my friends have actually said this to me, but in my view, this is an u npopular opinion. Some thrift stores like to call themselves by other names, like charity shops, knick-knack stores, bazaars or boutiques. So, what I'm suggesting is that there are probably thrifting opportunities all around you . You just might have to do a little sleuthing to find them. The larger thrift stores, like Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity ReStore are easy to spot. But your local churches and community centers often run thrift sales and flea markets. Some churches actually have their own thrift stores. My tip: C heck your local newspaper and online sites like Craigslist for thrift sales and flea markets. The finds at these out-of-the-way places are incredibl e! Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life o

"Thrift Stores Never Have Anything" - Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting: "Thrift stores never have anything". I've heard this so many times before, but I disagree. You never know what you're going to find at a thrift store, but that's the beauty of it. Don't give up! There are days when I can go to several thrift stores and nothing will catch my eye. But I continue to go back because I enjoy the experience and I know that if I keep at it, I will eventually find something that I like or need. Thrifting is like playing sports. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. To win, you must stay in the game. So, get back out there and THRIFT! Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life on Greenwood and allowing me to continue to bring you valuable content

Only Poor People Shop At Thrift Stores: Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting: "Only poor people shop at thrift stores" Really? Yes, thrift stores were conceived many years ago with the idea of helping the less fortunate, but t hrifting is more popular than ever! Most thrift stores still maintain their charitable mission, but the demographic of their customers varies greatly. These days, te ens and millennials are flocking to thrift stores for jeans and vintage clothing, where the quality is much better than fast fashion. Many thrifters are consumers who love a bargain and they know that their local thrift store is a goldmine for finding unique pieces. So, while shoppers with limited income still frequent the thrift store, you will also find a variety of thrifters from all income levels who just love the thrill of the thrift!   Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life on Greenwood and allowin

3 Best Places to Find Blue and White Chinoiserie

  Y'all know that I love blue and white porcelain, but I have to tell you that my best pieces did not come from a retail store. Shocked? I'm not saying that you can't find good pieces at retail stores. I'm saying that you can find REALLY NICE pieces at other places. Let me tell you about three places where you can find the best blue and white porcelain. #1 The Thrift Store If you know anything about me, you should have known that I was going to say that the thrift store was one of the best places to find blue and white porcelain. I've found so many great pieces at Goodwill and other out of the way thrift stores. When I see a blue and white ginger jar at a thrift store, I'm in disbelief at how it ended up there. Who would give that away? What's going on in their life that they no longer have love for this ginger jar? Earth to Caron! Come in, Caron! Where was I? Oh, yeah. Ginger jar at thrift store. Yes. I spy with my little eye something blue and white on a