Thrifting Every GOODWILL In CT - Oxford, CT Thrifting


Come along with me as I thrift every Goodwill in Connecticut. This is Episode 2 and I took a little trip to a relatively new Goodwill store in Oxford, CT. Clean store with great thrifting opportunities!

View the entire video here and let me know which thrifted item was your favorite!


What is the Greadio AM/FM Transistor Radio and What I Like About It


On the surface, the Greadio AM/FM radio looks like a cute cell phone or walkie-talkie. It is battery operated and USB charged. A USB charger is included in the purchase.  It has programmable stations and an alarm. The tuning buttons are clearly marked for volume, channel selections, alarm, etc. There's also a plug for earphones.  The radio's bright digital display is so cool!

The stations come in loud and clear. This radio reminds me of a simpler time. It's less distracting than TV or having a cell phone. I think it would make a nice gift. I also think it could come in handy on those outdoor camping trips where there's a weak cell phone signal.

You can find the Greadio radio on Amazon for less than $30. 

Do you remember the old transistor radios with the 9V batteries?


What I Like About The Stylish Klaimbmo Chandelier.

I finally replaced the 20 year-old fluorescent light fixture in my kitchen. It worked fine, but the rectangular plastic globe was basically a trap for insects and had been cracked in several spots over the years during cleaning. It was time for a change.

I found the Klaimbmo Black Farmhouse Chandelier on Amazon.  I know it's described as Farmhouse, but don't be fooled by that description.  If anything, it's more of a Modern Farmhouse style.  It's quite stylish!

I love the color of the black metal frame! It's sturdier than it looks. Assembly was relatively easy.  It was simply a matter of aligning screws with pre-fabbed holes. All the parts were accounted for and fit perfectly during installation. It uses three 60 watt light bulbs (not included) which is more than enough light for the area in my kitchen. 

The instruction sheet included illustrations and written step-by-step directions on how to safely wire the electric fixture. 

What a nice upgrade for my kitchen!  I think it would also work nicely in the dining room or entry way.  I highly recommend this light fixture. 

Plush Comforter Bedding At Affordable Price. Airensky Product Review.


 Hey Family! If you're in the market for a nice comforter set that won't break the bank, check this out!  I ordered this beautiful and affordable Airensky comforter set from Amazon. You can get it for less than $50. To me, it resembles the plush bedding that you see at hotels! Quality stitching throughout!  First of all, I was happy to see that the comforter was an actual Queen size (as advertised) and covered my queen-size mattress with ample draping on the sides and foot of the bed. In other words, this was not a Twin masquerading as a Queen. 

This comforter was soft and pleasant-smelling right out of the packaging, which is a plus. I mention this because sometimes online shopping can be a little sketchy, especially when products are left in a stuffy warehouse for long periods before being sold.  I usually wash my bedding and clothing after purchase anyway, but boy, I've smelled new products before that make you want to ship them right back!

The color is so rich! The comforter was advertised as gray and white and it was just that. The gray is almost a light slate-gray, and is really nice.  I absolutely love it! The Queen comforter comes with two sets of pillow cases. The pillow shams fit my queen size pillows perfectly! The second set of pillow covers also fit my pillows, but I’d recommend that the manufacturer add an inch or two more to the length of the fabric just to get a little draping. Other than that, this comforter set is lovely! It looks great on my bed!

A great value for the price!  Definitely a keeper!

Manta Sleep Mask: Best Sleep Mask That Protects Your Eyes While You Sleep

 Are you looking for a good sleep mask that doesn't smash your eyes or damage your lashes while you sleep? I think I have the answer - Manta Sleep Mask.

If you're like me, you need a completely dark bedroom in order to fall asleep. I often use a sleep mask to make sure I get a true darkened environment when I go to bed. But, not all sleep masks are equal.

One of the drawbacks of traditional sleep masks is that they're flat. This puts pressure your eyelids and eyelashes. The elastic headband is often too tight or too loose. Sometimes I'd find myself adjusting and re-adjusting my mask all during the night, which as you can imagine, does not make for a restful night's sleep.

The Manta Sleep Mask is different. Imagine a sleep mask that's 1) covered in soft fabric, 2) has straps that adjust to fit your exact head measurements and 3) blocks out light. My favorite thing about the Manta Sleep Mask is their unique cushioned eye cups. Each eye is encircled with cushiony softness so there's zero pressure on your lashes or eyelids. How cool is that!

I have to tell you that the mask is soft, comfortable and provides a darkened atmosphere, which I need so much. Bonus: It does not leave marks on my face!

It's a win for me! I hope you'll try it!

Thrifted Blazer Favs and How I Styled Them. Style After 60

Here is a little style inspo for everyone who loves a nice blazer. If it's thrifted, then that's all the better! I love a good thrift find!

Re-cap of Favorite Thrifted Blazers


Thrifting Every GOODWILL In CT - Oxford, CT Thrifting

  Come along with me as I thrift every Goodwill in Connecticut. This is Episode 2 and I took a little trip to a relatively new Goodwill stor...