What is the Greadio AM/FM Transistor Radio and What I Like About It


On the surface, the Greadio AM/FM radio looks like a cute cell phone or walkie-talkie. It is battery operated and USB charged. A USB charger is included in the purchase.  It has programmable stations and an alarm. The tuning buttons are clearly marked for volume, channel selections, alarm, etc. There's also a plug for earphones.  The radio's bright digital display is so cool!

The stations come in loud and clear. This radio reminds me of a simpler time. It's less distracting than TV or having a cell phone. I think it would make a nice gift. I also think it could come in handy on those outdoor camping trips where there's a weak cell phone signal.

You can find the Greadio radio on Amazon for less than $30. 

Do you remember the old transistor radios with the 9V batteries?


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