Manta Sleep Mask: Best Sleep Mask That Protects Your Eyes While You Sleep

 Are you looking for a good sleep mask that doesn't smash your eyes or damage your lashes while you sleep? I think I have the answer - Manta Sleep Mask.

If you're like me, you need a completely dark bedroom in order to fall asleep. I often use a sleep mask to make sure I get a true darkened environment when I go to bed. But, not all sleep masks are equal.

One of the drawbacks of traditional sleep masks is that they're flat. This puts pressure your eyelids and eyelashes. The elastic headband is often too tight or too loose. Sometimes I'd find myself adjusting and re-adjusting my mask all during the night, which as you can imagine, does not make for a restful night's sleep.

The Manta Sleep Mask is different. Imagine a sleep mask that's 1) covered in soft fabric, 2) has straps that adjust to fit your exact head measurements and 3) blocks out light. My favorite thing about the Manta Sleep Mask is their unique cushioned eye cups. Each eye is encircled with cushiony softness so there's zero pressure on your lashes or eyelids. How cool is that!

I have to tell you that the mask is soft, comfortable and provides a darkened atmosphere, which I need so much. Bonus: It does not leave marks on my face!

It's a win for me! I hope you'll try it!

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