Are Cervical Pillows Worth The Hype? Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Review

Is getting a good night's sleep becoming a pain in the neck? Maybe you just need to change your pillow. Have you heard of a cervical pillow?

Like most people, my body needs to be in a certain position to get maximum sleep. I'm basically a left-side sleeper. That's my optimum position. But I usually have to prop up several pillows to get my arms situated and my neck positioned just right if I expect to get that deep sleep. 

Want to elevate your sleep game?

Let's discuss my new Wellnestro memory foam cervical pillow from Amazon. What does it do? The sellers tout the benefits of the pillow by saying that it supports your cervical alignment and helps you find that comfy sleeping position. The pillow has a deep curve that cradles your head in comfort whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.  And there's even a place to rest your arm. I'm a fan of that!

The pillowcase, which is machine washable in cold water, is so soft and cushiony! And the pillow comes with its own bag for easy storage. It's backed by a 2-year warranty. I like that!

I tried my cervical pillow for the first time last night and found it to be quite comfortable.  
The ergonomic neck support is a plus!  The way the pillow is engineered provided support for my head, but it was surprisingly soft at the same time. More importantly, I didn't feel like I was straining my neck or like I was in an awkward position.  

Overall, the pillow is definitely a good buy for the price.  I mean, what price would you pay for a good night's sleep?  

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Tabletop Fire Bowl Using Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Do you like toasted marshmallows?  I toasted marshmallows for the first time yesterday. As a child, I was never a fan of this treat.  

But I wanted to try out my new tabletop fire bowl, so I thought I'd venture outdoors and give this toasted marshmallow thing a try.

This tabletop fire bowl was an Amazon purchase. It was so simple to set up. No tools  required. Seriously, not even a screwdriver! It comes with everything you need to get your intimate groove on, except heating fuel and a lighter. 

I've seen similar units at restaurants and other outdoor eateries. It adds a real classy touch to your dining experience. 

As I mentioned, this unit was purchased from the internet. It comes with 1) a fuel can (tray), 2) protective glass panes to keep the flames under control and 3) a cover to extinguish the flames. To operate, you will need to order:

  1. Ventless/Odorless Bio-Ethanol Fuel
  2. Butane Lighter (Extended style)

Once lit, the flame should last about an 1.5 hours. That's all there is to it! Please read the safety precautions before using this product or any fuel burning apparatus.  Although the instructions state that the unit can be used indoors and outdoors, I'm a little afraid of open fires, so you'll only find me using my tabletop fire bowl outdoors.  I'm just sayin'.

And, by the way, the toasted marshmallows turned out great! But I'm still not a fan! 

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Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack For Scuff Marks on Walls

I have a quick Dollar Tree hack! You know those scuff marks that we get on the walls all around our home? Well, I tried a Dollar Tree product to see if it would get rid of those scuffs.

Here's what happened. I bought the 2-IN-1 QUICK ERASER from Dollar Tree. It's a two-pack sponge that's supposed to be great on tough jobs. Each 5" sponge is about 1" thick with a white scrubbing side and a softer blue side.


I didn't expect it to work, so I was pleasantly surprised when it did. 

I tried it out on a few scuff marks on my kitchen walls. After wetting the sponge with water, I gave each scuff mark and few rubs with the white side of the sponge. The scuff marks  disappeared! I wiped the area with a dry cloth and that was that. Amazing!

But here's the hack. Cut your sponge into smaller rectangle pieces and only use what you need. Why waste a whole sponge for a small job, right?

Good one, Dollar Tree!

Closet Clean-out Tips

 I am by no means a professional organizer, but I sometimes play one on social media. But seriously, let's talk about our overstuffed closets and ways to pare down.

I like to go through my closets a few times a year and weed out clothing that no longer fits or that I haven't worn recently. I also like to look around my home and do the same thing.

Then I consciously decide what I want to do with the weeded out pieces. As for clothing, I have to really convince myself to part ways with certain pieces. 

As I touch each item, I think about how I wore it, how it made me feel, where I wore it last and the reaction from people who saw me wearing it. I have to admit, I get a little melancholy. It's definitely a psychological tug of war! 

Can you relate?


So, are you in the middle of cleaning out your closets or just thinking about it?   Are you wrestling with yourself about letting go of things? I hear ya! 

You can expedite your closet clean-out process if you ask yourself a few questions along the way. Here are the questions I grappled with:

  1. Does this still fit?
  2.  Is it still my style? 
  3. Is it damaged or even wearable? 
  4. Will I ever wear it again? 
  5. Can someone else use it? 
  6. Should I sell it, donate or discard it? 

Asking yourself these questions while you're going through your closets should add a little structure to your process and help you make it to the end. 

I hope this helps!

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What Is the Difference Between Goodwill Retail Store and Goodwill Bins?


Did you know that Goodwill Industries has stores known as Goodwill Outlets? Regular thrifters refer to these stores as "The Bins" because of the big storage containers or bins used to display clothing. Let me paint you a picture.

The Bins is really a warehouse.--a wide open warehouse full of clothing, home accessories, electronics and furniture. Clothing is sold by the pound. My local Bins sells its clothing for $1.49 per pound. 
When you arrive at The Bins, you will see that it is totally different from the Goodwill retail stores. Unlike the retail stores, nothing is on hangers or garment racks at The Bins. Clothing is wheeled into the warehouse in gigantic bins. You will finds rows and rows of bins and people digging through them like maniacs. 

On my maiden trip to The Bins, I was somewhat prepared, but not really. I had heard so many stories about the fights and other drama, so I was ready for anything. 

Well, when I arrived, there were people digging in the bins and throwing clothing back or into their shopping carts as if their lives depended on it. I was a little intimidated. I guess I was moving too slowly because people were reaching around like I was in the way. It was wild!

I was watching everything around me. It reminded me of my first day of junior high. My older brothers had told me so many stories about junior high school, like having lockers, changing classes, shop class, and lunchroom fights, that I was hyper-vigilant and scared at the same time. I'm here to report that my junior high school experience wasn't half as bad as my brothers had reported. Thank goodness!

Anyway, after about 15 minutes of sifting through clothing, I noticed a staffer on my row was consolidating clothing into a single bin.  I learned that he was doing this so that he could make room for fresh bins of clothing and hard goods. And this scene repeated itself over and over again throughout the warehouse, about every thirty minutes or so. 


Here's the clencher. There is one major protocol that must be followed as staff brings out fresh bins. As the new bins roll in, an announcement is made that no one should touch the bins until all bins are in place.  This mean ALL bins. 

Thrifters must step out of the way and stand back. This is important to know. 

I witnessed a heated interaction between staff and a thrifter who refused to follow the rules.  She began digging in the bins after being asked several times to wait.  It was ugly! She was eventually escorted out of the warehouse.

I don't know if this was her first trip to The Bins, but I'd say it did not end well for her. As for me, I learned a lot that day.

Have you ever been to the Goodwill Outlets? What was you experience? Drop me a line if you can relate to my story.

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3 Things You Should Wash At Least Once a Week

Most homemakers swear by a housekeeping routine that helps them keep the dust and clutter at bay. Some people have to do a little pick up each day to stay afloat. I remember those days when I had a little one under foot. Keeping up with the clutter was quite a challenge!

These days, I get by with a weekly detail that gives me peace and keeps me from freaking out. Mine is a simple weekly routine and should not be confused with a deep clean, which I usually save for twice a year. 

During my weekly routine, I wipe down all the surfaces in my home, empty the trash bins and tidy my bathrooms. This is more of a maintenance strategy that keeps things in my home from becoming out of control. 

The most important part of my weekly routine is laundry. While I might wait to get a full load before I'll wash sweaters or blouses, there are certain items that I wash every week without fail.


So, each week, I strip my bed and wash everything on a hot water cycle.  I've been doing this for years. It's even more important to adopt this practice if you're co-sleeping with a spouse or partner. Why?

Did you know that your body sloughs off hundreds of millions of dead skin cells each day? Many of those skin cells end up in your bed and on your pillow where they are eaten by tiny dust mites. Left unchecked, these dust mites and their droppings can trigger all kinds of allergies. 

I don't know about you, but that grosses me out! 

The best way to combat this is to wash your bedding in hot water at least on a weekly basis.  In my home, I have 3 things that I wash at least once a week.

Here is my "must wash weekly" list:

1)  Bedding: Sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforter, mattress protector

2)  Bath and Kitchen Towels

3)  Underwear

I created my "must wash weekly" list based on items that I felt were havens for dust mites, bacteria and odor.  

It might not be possible to totally eliminate bacteria and dust mites, but a little hot water goes a long way.  And staying on this regimen gives me piece of mind.  Besides, who doesn't love sleeping between freshly washed sheets?

Do you have a cleaning routine? Please leave me a comment and share how you keep your home in order.

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