Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack For Scuff Marks on Walls

I have a quick Dollar Tree hack! You know those scuff marks that we get on the walls all around our home? Well, I tried a Dollar Tree product to see if it would get rid of those scuffs.

Here's what happened. I bought the 2-IN-1 QUICK ERASER from Dollar Tree. It's a two-pack sponge that's supposed to be great on tough jobs. Each 5" sponge is about 1" thick with a white scrubbing side and a softer blue side.


I didn't expect it to work, so I was pleasantly surprised when it did. 

I tried it out on a few scuff marks on my kitchen walls. After wetting the sponge with water, I gave each scuff mark and few rubs with the white side of the sponge. The scuff marks  disappeared! I wiped the area with a dry cloth and that was that. Amazing!

But here's the hack. Cut your sponge into smaller rectangle pieces and only use what you need. Why waste a whole sponge for a small job, right?

Good one, Dollar Tree!

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