Closet Clean-out Tips

 I am by no means a professional organizer, but I sometimes play one on social media. But seriously, let's talk about our overstuffed closets and ways to pare down.

I like to go through my closets a few times a year and weed out clothing that no longer fits or that I haven't worn recently. I also like to look around my home and do the same thing.

Then I consciously decide what I want to do with the weeded out pieces. As for clothing, I have to really convince myself to part ways with certain pieces. 

As I touch each item, I think about how I wore it, how it made me feel, where I wore it last and the reaction from people who saw me wearing it. I have to admit, I get a little melancholy. It's definitely a psychological tug of war! 

Can you relate?


So, are you in the middle of cleaning out your closets or just thinking about it?   Are you wrestling with yourself about letting go of things? I hear ya! 

You can expedite your closet clean-out process if you ask yourself a few questions along the way. Here are the questions I grappled with:

  1. Does this still fit?
  2.  Is it still my style? 
  3. Is it damaged or even wearable? 
  4. Will I ever wear it again? 
  5. Can someone else use it? 
  6. Should I sell it, donate or discard it? 

Asking yourself these questions while you're going through your closets should add a little structure to your process and help you make it to the end. 

I hope this helps!

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