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Have you ever considered using a garment rack as the focal point in one of your rooms?  I had been staring into a blank uninspiring corner of my home office every day. It didn't bother me too much because I'm not a fan of clutter or filling a space just for the sake of saying it's decorated. But when I came across the Instagram post below with a garment rack and neutrals as the base, I wanted to see if I could recreate a similar vignette. 

What appealed to me most about the inspiration post was the sense of calmness that I got from the neutral palate. Several articles of white clothing hung from a garment rack surrounded by a white backdrop. 

White shoes lined the bottom of the garment rack, adding to the crispness. An oversized vase of pampas and candles complimented the scenario. Matching hangers also added to the cohesive look.

Time to make this happen!


Step One: To get started with my recreation, I needed to clear my garment rack. I had several resale clothing items that needed to be addressed ... sell, donate or discard. Done!

Step Two: Find neutral-colored clothing.  I used a mixture of whites, creams and beige sweaters, blouses and pants for my vignette.  Instead of white shoes, I used a pair of taupe high heel pumps, camel-colored  kitten-heel sling backs and a pair of taupe flat pumps. 


My new palm plant added an organic feel and softened the vignette even more.  I balanced the garment rack on the other side with a mannequin, which just happened to be covered in white fabric. It turned out great! 

I found my mannequin (dress form) at a thrift store for $20, but I'll provide a link to a similar product here which might interest you:

You can also shop my garment rack with this link:

I love looking across the room and seeing this calming vignette! It so organized! 

Here's a short video of  how I completed my office refresh:

I reached out to the Instagram blogger @kyesssentials to thank her for providing such an inspiring photograph.  I also tagged her in my social media posts. I think it's important to give credit where credit is due.

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