How to Decorate With Blue and White Decor

I don't know when my obsession with blue and white porcelain began, but let me tell you, I got it bad! 

I think that a large blue and white ginger jar can brighten any decor. My eyes are immediately drawn to blue and white home accessories whenever I enter a thrift shop or regular retail store. 

I will admit that there are periods when I will put myself on time-out and just abstain from making any purchases. I have to. Otherwise, I'd be broke! 

Best Place to Find Blue and White Pieces

But I've had a few good runs. First of all, the thrift store is the best place to score quality pieces at really good prices. But it's hit or miss. You might not find anything on your first trip, so you will have to constantly be on the lookout!

The teapot below was a thrift find which I used in a recent kitchen counter vignette.

Other Places to Shop 

Of course, you can always find blue and white porcelain pieces at retail stores, like Marshall's, Ross, and Hobby Lobby. I found several beautiful planters in various sizes at Ocean State Job Lot. 

I don't have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants, so I didn't go overboard and buy too many planters. This time, I added only two to my existing planter collection. 

Can these planters be used for other purposes? I wonder.

Here are a few more thrifted blue and white pieces. I staged this little area in my home office. I just love this clock! I think I paid $4 for it!

Last winter, I used thrifted ginger jars and a few blue and white orbs around my fireplace. It was so pretty!


So, I hope that this was inspirational. Remember to check your local thrift stores FIRST, before heading to a retail store to find blue and white porcelain. You might save a few dollars and find a really unique piece!

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