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Cuisinart Coffee Center Product Review

  I replaced my Keurig coffee maker with a Cuisinart Coffee Center . Great decision! My old coffee maker was on its last legs, so we really needed! We are big coffee drinkers. We liked the simplicity of the single-serve feature, but we also wanted an option to make a pot of brewed coffee. Two things that were important in our search for a new coffee maker were 1)we needed something reliable that would make a good cup of coffee; and 2) we didn't want to spend 30-minutes each morning brewing a pot of coffee. I researched the internet and found several coffee makers with dual systems. We chose the Cuisinart Coffee Center . Cuisinart has a reputation for making quality products, so we felt comfortable with our decision. Link to the Cuisinart product site is here:  Product Features The new coffee maker is beautiful! The black and stainless steel design compliments my kitchen decor. Large water reservoirs. Control panel with buttons for single-serve 6