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Farmhouse Wooden Table Riser DIY

  I wanted to do a diy farmhouse table riser.  I have seen wooden risers used on counter tops and dining room tables, and I knew that I wanted one. People use them to give height to a centerpiece. I’ve seen them used to add levels to a food buffet. I’ve even seen smaller wooden risers used on kitchen counters to hold dish soap and lotion. Looking in my garage, I found some scrap lumber that I thought I could use.   I dropped by Lowe's and bought two packages of finials, pre-fitted with screws.   They're the same kind of finials that I used for my diy lanterns.  I think the finials were $2.98 for a pack of two.  Materials So, my main materials are a piece of scrap wood as my base and the finials, which will be the legs of this table riser. Besides that, you'll need sandpaper if you want to kind of rough up or distress the riser once you're finished painting.     Easiest DIY Farmhouse Table Riser Video I found my inspiration table to