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How To Overcome Your Struggle With House Plants

I’ll be the first to tell you that I do not have a green thumb. Over the years, I’ve killed my share of houseplants; mostly due to neglect.  I recall bringing home clippings thrown away by the landscapers at work and rooting them in water and later planting them in soil. I would nurse those babies until they grew nice and strong!   And then, I would forget to water them! And I’d forget for a week or two until there was no coming back for them.  I was bad! I am getting much better.  Currently, I have four Spider Plants.   Actually, there’s one mother and three offspring.   Spider Plants are supposed to be some of the easiest plants to maintain. My biggest challenge with the mother Spider Plant was figuring how much water was needed and how much sunlight to provide.  What Worked For My Plants Research states that Spider plants should not receive direct sunlight.  So, I relocated the plants near a window in the living room where they would get low to medium sunlight.  To help with the wat