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Comparing 6 Popular Chalk Paints

I love chalk paint!  I bought my first quart of chalk p aint  from Home Depot  in the color Linen White. I painted everything! Then I discovered chalk paint at other hardware and retail stores. That's when I decided to do a comparison.  I had heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and seen the paint demonstrations online, but I knew that this paint was only available through distributors. I didn't have time for that! How I Conducted My Demo I bought six different chalk-style brands from various retail stores. Using popsicle sticks, I performed a very un-scientific paint demonstration. Basically, I dipped a popsicle in each container and recorded the paint's consistency--thick or runny.  I'm not saying that runny paint is a bad thing! In fact, some users routinely add water to their chalky paint. I rarely do. I like the thickness of chalky paint. The beauty of chalk paint is that it covers most surfaces without sanding. And it's very  forgiving.