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Terrariums For Beginners

I'm not good with plants, so I jumped at the thought of making a terrarium. I mean, you buy a few succulents and stick them under glass. Right?  Can you go wrong with succulents? I had heard that they were pretty resilient and hardly needed any attention. That's right up my alley since I've been known to be quite challenged in the gardening area.  My first stop was to my local Dollar Tree where I purchased three different types of stones.  My research indicated that placing stones at the bottom of the terrarium allows for proper drainage and keeps plant roots from sitting in wet soil.   My next stop was Home Depot. They have a nice selection of succulent plants--some for a little as two dollars.  I already had potting soil in my garage, so no cost there. So let's recap.  Here's what you'll need: 1)  Stones. Use a variety of stones if you want a more elaborate layering effect. I like the mixture of dark and light stones.  The contrast looks great through the gla