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$5 Thrift Chair Makeover

  Welcome back to Life on Greenwood.  I found a really sturdy-looking chair at the thrift store that I thought would be perfect for a makeover. So, this is a five dollar thrift makeover on a chair that I got from Goodwill. This was my first thrift purchase and my first makeover for 2021. I was so excited!  This chair had great bones, so I thought, you know what, I’m gonna see if I can freshen her up a little bit! My plan was to do a replacement chair cover. I set out to replace the cover to the cushion without removing the existing cover. I do this sometimes when I’m not sure what’s going on under all the layers of fabric or when I just want to get the project over and done with.  Seriously! Clean and Prep Before I started painting, I noticed that the chair had a stale odor. You know that smell that some old furniture has?  Yeah.  I must say that I gave the chair a thorough cleaning with mild soap and water. When I first brought it into the house, hubby was really going cra