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"Thrift Stores Never Have Anything" - Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting: "Thrift stores never have anything". I've heard this so many times before, but I disagree. You never know what you're going to find at a thrift store, but that's the beauty of it. Don't give up! There are days when I can go to several thrift stores and nothing will catch my eye. But I continue to go back because I enjoy the experience and I know that if I keep at it, I will eventually find something that I like or need. Thrifting is like playing sports. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. To win, you must stay in the game. So, get back out there and THRIFT! Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life on Greenwood and allowing me to continue to bring you valuable content

20 Random Thrifting Facts You Should Know

  How many of these random thrift facts do you know? Test your knowledge! 20 Random Thrifting Facts 1). Thrift shop – noun - Merriam Webster Definition of thrift shop: a shop that sells secondhand articles and especially clothes and is often run for charitable purposes  2). August 17 - National Thrift Shop Day  3). 1879: The Salvation Army comes to the U.S  4). 1902: Goodwill Industries is founded in Boston 5). 1919: The term “thrift shop” is coined. 6). 1974: Buffalo Exchange opens first store in Tucson, AZ. 7). 1984- NARTS-- The Association of Resale Professionals. Founded in 1984. Has noticed an increase in resale shops. Helps members (shop owners) with educational and professional development.  Also provides consumers with an online SHOPPING LIST to locate shops in their city or towns when visiting. 8). 1995: eBay and Craigslist are founded 9). At a garage sale in 2000, a Fresno, California house painter noticed images of Yosemite National Park on glass plates of