Easy DIY Wooden Lantern

Lanterns have become popular in modern farmhouse decor. I believe lanterns can add interest to any decor style. 

When the invitation came to participate in a recent Youtube decor challenge using lanterns, I was hesitant to join because I did not have the type of lantern that I thought was worthy of sharing. 

So I decided to make my own.

I searched the internet for examples of simple do-it-yourself lanterns and soon gained enough knowledge where I felt confident that I could produce a decent-looking lantern.

Honestly, I was looking for something easy to make. This was not going to be my life's work, right?

Materials Used

The materials used:

Wood Strips for Sides - 18" (4 )

Wood for Top and Base - 6"x 7" (2 )

Wood for 2nd Top Layer  4"x 5" (1)

Wood Glue

Wood Filler

1" Nails (or wood screws)

Wooden Finial (with pre-fitted screw)

The Process

I used scrap wood from my garage to fashion the top, bottom and sides. Hubby helped me make the cuts. 

I used wood glue to hold the sides and base together while I nailed the pieces together. The finial was pre-fitted with a screw which made it very easy to screw into the top of the lantern. Wood filler was applied around gaps, followed by light sanding over the entire lantern. 

I made two lanterns: 18" and a smaller 12" lantern. Now that I've finished, I'm definitely thinking about making a third lantern to complete the set. You will not believe how easy this was!


I finished the project with white a Chalky Finish Paint. The results were stunning! 

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