No-Sew Spring Table Runner

With all the snow that we got over the last few weeks, I wanted to bring a touch of Spring into my home. I headed to Walmart and bought two yards of pre-cut duck fabric with the idea of making a runner or table cloth. 

I wanted something that would give my dining room a little Springtime flare. 

To me, the colors in this fabric scream Spring! 

I also bought a few yards of pink satin ribbon. With glue gun in hand, I was ready! 

The Process

I cut the fabric into a 2' x 6' strip, hot glued a strip of ribbon on each side, and fashioned a hem on each end using hot glue. 

For less than $10, I had beautiful Spring table runner! No sewing required!

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Thank you! It's just a little something that I pulled together. It was so easy that I know I'll be making a few more!




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