Table Makeover Using Chalk Paint


I purchased my second-hand cherry wood dining room set online several years ago. I liked the deep, rich color, but I knew I would paint it white. I  eventually painted and upholstered the chairs, but I was hesitant to paint the table.

I really don't know why. 

Maybe it was its size or the fact that if I screwed up, I would  be stuck with a mess in my dining room. Any way, I eased into the project by painting just the table legs and sides. 

I lived with that for two years until I finally got the nerve to go all the way and paint the table top. 

How I Did It

I used the color Saw Mill Gravy. It's an off-white, but has grey undertones, in my opinion.  I watered down the paint just a little because it was so thick. 

I started the project with a paint brush and finished with a roller. To be honest, the paint roller should have been my go-to method from the jump. It was definitely the way to go for this flat surface. 


I love the results! The table has a nice chalky matte finish. What a difference! 

Now that the table top has a light color, it opens up so many decor possibilities for me. 

I've tried several different tablescapes since painting the table top, and each one is prettier than the one before it. I'm mixing and matching all kinds of plates and saucers. Flowers with checks.  Reds with browns. 

Now the colors in my plates and glassware really seem to pop! 

I can't believe I waited so long to do this!

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  1. Very pretty Caron. This is Cheryl from around the house with cheryl.

  2. Hey there! How sweet of you to stop by! Your the first person to leave a comment. Thanks so much for the love!

  3. Replies
    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for checking out my content! Be well!

  4. Hi Diana! Thanks! I'm so glad this was helpful! I was a little nervous about paint the table top, but then I thought to myself, "It's just paint". I am so happy with the results! Are you into DIYs and paint makeovers? If so, I definitely recommend this paint! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you come back again!




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