Decorating a Table With Blue and White Porcelain / Blue Willow Tea Party


I accepted a challenge from a fellow YouTuber who asked that I pull out some of my blue and white chinoiserie and decorate a tablescape.

I'm a big collector of blue and white porcelain, so I was definitely up for this challenge!

What Is A Vignette?

I decided to create a vignette on my kitchen counter. What's a vignette? 

In home decor, a vignette refers to a small area staged to create a theme. That's the best way I can describe it. It could be in the corner of a room, in the entryway, on a table. You get the picture.

I knew exactly which blue and white pieces I was going to use. Well, I knew that I was going to incorporate one piece in particular--my Blue Willow teapot. From there, I would have to search my stash to see what I could find.

I envisioned a Blue Willow tea party theme.

What You Need For A Blue Willow Tea Party

Here's what I used:

Blue Willow tea pot - thrifted

Blue Willow mug - thrifted

Blue Willow saucers - thrifted

White wooden tray - thrifted and upcycled

Pink and white gingham napkins

Faux tulips and bud vase

The tray that I used had previously been brown. I painted it white and spray painted the handles gold. Made a world of difference!

The Blue Willow teapot is so adorable!  I thrifted it a couple of weeks ago for four bucks. It's electric, but the detachable cord is missing. I gave it a really good scrubbing with a soapy steel wool pad because it had a lot of caffeine stains. But it's so cute! I absolutely love it!

Here is a similar teapot (not electric) that I found online:

I found a mug from the Blue Willow family that I forgot I had thrifted. This was a nice surprise!

Then I remembered that I had a few Blue Willow saucers from a previous thrift haul. Bonus!  

I threw in some pink and white gingham napkins that I used for my Easter table. There is

little bunny on one side, so I just flipped them over to hide the bunny.

A few pink tulips in a bud vase, and that's that!

Tea is served!

I love that I was able to use so many of my thrifted Blue Willow pieces!

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