Why You Should Use The Right Garden Tool For the Job

Do you love gardening but hate the thought of the aches and pains that follows after all that bending and kneeling? I understand.

Picture this. You're basking in what I call the "after-gardening glow".  I mean, you have the satisfaction of having made good progress in your garden. A lot of digging and pulling. You're on a natural high from destroying a gazillion weeds. 

You've planted seeds. Your endorphins are through the roof!  You sit back and say, "I did good"!  The after-gardening glow is Real!

And then, BAM! 

It sets in. You become stiff.  Every muscle in your body aches. 

Sound familiar?  

Does it make good sense to do all that work in your garden and be laid up and unable to move afterward? No, I don't think so.

I have one piece of advice: USE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.

Invest in a good garden workbench or stool and give your body a break. You need one that can hold your weight and hold a few hand tools. I found mine online. I'll link it here:

This one is sturdy enough to hold my husband who weighs about 200 lbs. and it folds easily into a padded kneeler. That soft padding makes a difference when sitting or kneeling for extended periods of time. 

When folded as a kneeler, the legs of this garden workbench serve as side handles to help you steady yourself as you stand up.  I've used it both ways and it's great!  I'll link my Youtube video where I show more details of this workbench. 

It comes with two removable pouches that can hold all the gardening hand tools you need for the task. This was an awesome find! Your back will thank you!

I hope this was helpful. Contact me if have questions. Happy Gardening!

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