Are Single Handle Side Sprayer Faucets Outdated? - Pfister Faucet

We finally replaced our broken kitchen faucet last week. By we, I mean the plumber.  The handle on our kitchen faucet had been leaking for quite some time, but we put off replacement for I don't know why.  We just kept wiping up the small puddle that appeared every time we didn't shut off the handle just right. The unit was 12 years old which is probably longer than most people would live with a certain model before upgrading.

But I was quite happy with what we already had. If we could have fixed it, I would have been quite satisfied. My mother would never get rid of something just because it was outdated. I wasn't raised with that luxury. Anyway, this unit wasn't repairable. The clincher came when the handle completely broke off and we could see the broken inner workings. That was it! 

I scrolled the internet for hours looking for a replacement faucet. The thing is, the model that I had - a Single Handle Side Sprayer Faucet - is apparently going out of style. Newer faucets include pull-down and touchless features. I was hard-pressed to find the exact same model as my old faucet. 

Eventually, I found a few models that would fit the three holes in our countertop without making any new cuts. They are:

  1. Sarana Model #W5155C 
  2. Pfister Model #LF-WK1-680S 
  3. Moen Part # 8138   

None of these models were available in-store, so we ordered online. We chose the Pfister model. I really wanted to avoid a big project. In fact, I was hoping that this would be a DIY, but we didn't have the proper tools.  Luckily, we found a local plumber who came at a moments notice and did a fabulous job! 

We're back in business! That reminds me. I have to leave the plumber a favorable review!

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