Under Sink Organization - Dollar Tree Hack

Dollar Tree is the perfect spot for getting everything you need to tackle that storage space under the kitchen sink. Stock up on plastic containers in various colors and sizes. These are excellent for corralling your various containers of cleaners, disinfectants, brushes and all those products you usually hoard under the sink.  I like the white containers because they're neutral and have a crisp look and work with any decor. 

Don't forget contact paper! You'll need this to line the base of your under sink area. Again, Dollar Tree has several designs.

While you're at it, pick up a few scrub brushes. Why not?  This won't break the bank. 

Dollar Tree even has those little adhesive hooks (like @Command Strips). These are great for hanging scrub brushes or rubber gloves on the inside of the cabinet or on the cabinet door. 

Complete your entire project for less than $10 using Dollar Tree products. Here's a shopping list:

  • 4 Storage bins       $4.00
  • Contact paper        $1.00
  • Scrub brush           $1.00
  • Rubber gloves       $1.00
  • Adhesive hooks     $1.00
I'm all good now that I've straightened out my space! Was this helpful? Let me know!

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