What Are Designer-Inspired Fragrances - Dossier Review

Luxury-inspired fragrances are all the rage these days. These are not the "dupes" from back in the day that were popular and sold at your local drug stores. You know the ones that went on like water and the scent disappeared just as quickly. Yeah, not those.

The new inspired scents are affordable and really smell divine. I've tried a few. 

I sampled the Dossier brand recently and was quite impressed with their product. They use the best perfume notes that really rival high-end designer fragrances. If you're looking for quality fragrances inspired by your favorite designer brands, without the designer price, consider Dossier. Even the packaging is quite substantial.  I absolutely love them! 

TIP:  Because of their affordability, you could easily batch a few bottles in a gift basket for someone on a special occasion. I have a discount code that you can use, plus Dossier offers several promotions on their website. I hope you'll take me up on this. Drop me a line if you do!

Dossier has a welcome offer of up to 20% on the website. 

You can get up to 30% off for your first order by using the discount code!!

The extra 10% applies at the checkout on top of the welcome offer. 


Dossier has a new payment method that lets you earn store credit. Select CATCH at the last step of checkout and you earn a $10 sign on bonus credit.  

- Get rewarded with 10% store credit on every order. 

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