Senior Chronicles - Jazzy Lunch on the Green

This senior citizen thing is really taking off! This week I went to the monthly luncheon.  The registration form mentioned an area Italian restaurant, The Original Antonio's, so I thought that we were actually going to the restaurant via the community center bus. As it turned out. We dined al fresco on the field behind the center.  

Big open-air tents and even a jazz quartet! A really nice setup! Outdoor dining was a great idea in light of the health concerns that the world is facing. 

The food was quite tasty too! Green beans, chicken piccata and cavatelli with broccoli! Delicious! 

The servers included a local state representative. I'm not saying she was there just to gain a few brownie points for serving lunch to seniors citizens, but I did see her taking photos of the crowd. Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah. The food was delicious! 

I also enjoyed the four-piece funky jazz band. Was it a coincidence that all the band members looked like they were between 65 - 70 years old? Had the luncheon coordinator specifically looked for a band with older musicians? Regardless, they sounded great! They hit a lot of the classics from the big band era. Always a hit with an older crowd. 

For dessert, we had a huge slice of double chocolate layered cake. I was going to pass, but it was the day after my birthday and I didn't have a birthday cake this year. This cake was soooo rich! I'm so glad I don't eat like this everyday! 

Here's one thing I know: I will definitely take a trip to the restaurant that provided our lunch. It was so worth it.  

If you're an active older adult, I highly recommend checking out your community center or even a neighboring town for daytime activities. It's healthy to have some kind of interaction.

And I can't wait to see what's planned for next month's senior luncheon.

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