Personal Air Conditioning Unit - Review


This personal air conditioning unit was so much more than expected! There is nothing to set up. Just add tap water or icy water and plug it in. That's it! 

The vent can be adjusted up or down to direct the flow of cool air. This unit is quite light-weight (less than 3 pounds) and it has a handle that makes it even easier to move around. High-quality control buttons adorn the top.  The "wet" button provides a gentle mist that feels so good! There is even a timer feature! 

I can imagine using this in a dormitory. I wish something like this was available when I was in college. My dorm room was like a sauna on most days and the most we were allowed to have was a fan! A fan that was doing nothing but making noise and moving hot air around. How did I survive?


Anyway, this little unit can be set up on a desk or countertop for quick personal relief. You know how we hate to get up to turn our electronics on/off? Well, there's a remote control for that!  

I gifted this unit to hubby to use in his new shed. I can't wait to see his reaction!

Another must-have gadget!

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