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Thrifted Clothing Is Hard to Style: Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Thrifted Clothing Is Hard to Style:  Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting. When I thrift for myself, I look for clothing that fits my style. My style is conservative. Nice lines. Silk blouses, tailored blazers and slacks. I shy away from tight-fitting and revealing clothing. As I thrift for myself, I think about how I can style my thrifted finds and how they would compliment my existing wardrobe. That's one strategy. Here's another strategy. Some people thrift for clothing that they can totally re-imagine. They envision that a blouse can be worn as a skirt and a long cardigan can be belted and worn like a dress. This requires a little imagination . I get that. But a quick how-to is as close as your smartphone. I've seen thrift hacks that are absolutely amazing! Youtube and Instagram have tons of tutorials on how to style thrift finds. There is a popular Instagram influencer that does AMAZING clothing transformations by using safety pins and rubber ties. She's very c

Thrift Stores Are So Messy and Unorganized: Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Unpopular Opinion: Thrift stores are messy and unorganized. Not all stores. Many thrift stores are neat and organized. You'll find items tagged and organized by size and sometimes by color. In most cases, thrift stores use shelves, bins and clothing racks to display items. I've shopped at some well-kept thrift stores that resemble vintage boutiques. The items were curated and displayed in such a way that at first glance it was hard to tell that the store was selling second-hand goods. So before painting all thrift stores with a wide brush, try a few shops in different areas of town. Venture outside of your neighborhood to get a flavor of how different thrift shops are organized. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.   Disclosure: Links may contain affiliates. When you buy through one of our links we will receive a commission. This is at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Life on Greenwood and allowing me to continue to bring you valuable content