Thrifted Clothing Is Hard to Style: Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Thrifted Clothing Is Hard to Style:  Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting. When I thrift for myself, I look for clothing that fits my style. My style is conservative. Nice lines. Silk blouses, tailored blazers and slacks. I shy away from tight-fitting and revealing clothing. As I thrift for myself, I think about how I can style my thrifted finds and how they would compliment my existing wardrobe. That's one strategy.

Here's another strategy: Some people thrift for clothing that they can totally re-imagine. They envision that a blouse can be worn as a skirt and a long cardigan can be belted and worn like a dress. This requires a little imagination. I get that. But a quick how-to is as close as your smartphone.

I've seen thrift hacks that are absolutely amazing! Youtube and Instagram have tons of tutorials on how to style thrift finds. There is a popular Instagram influencer that does AMAZING clothing transformations by using safety pins and rubber ties. She's very crafty at tying and tucking so that the item takes on a whole new look. She's an expert at taking vintage skirts and dresses and totally revamping them with a little roll here and a little tuck there. Let me tell you, this girl's hacks will really inspire you!

So, let's recap. I've given you two strategies for styling thrift finds:
  1. Look for clothing that compliments your existing wardrobe, or
  2. Check out a few styling hacks before you go thrifting. Then use your imagination! Remember, roll, tuck and pin!
I hope these tips inspire you to get back out there!

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