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Thrift Stores Never Carry My Size - Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting

Unpopular Opinion About Thrifting: Thrift Stores Never Carry My Size. Most people understand that shopping at a thrift store is about the hunt. Unlike retail, you'll rarely find more than one of anything. That's the nature of thrifting. In my opinion, that's also the beauty of thrifting. Finding that unique item. That one-of-a-kind. I have a few recommendations if you have difficulty finding thrifted clothing in your size.


I always recommend that you try multiple sizes and departments when you're hunting for thrift clothes. For example, if you usually wear a size Medium, go up the rack a little to the next size and check out the inventory. If you know your actual measurements, you will find that items labeled as Large sometimes fit like a size Medium. And there's the possibility that some pre-owned clothing has been altered by the previous owner, so you cannot always rely on labels.

Here's a tip: Take a tape measure with you when you thrift. It comes in handy when thrifting for clothing (especially if you don't like to try on clothes) or hard goods like furniture and wall art.


The men's department is a treasure trove! Often overlooked by women shoppers because, well, because it's the men's department. But why can't we wear men's sweaters and jackets? You can!

Don't sleep on the men's department! If you're ever at a loss and not finding what you want in the women's area, like a sweater, shirt, jacket or even slacks, check in menswear. I've found beautiful tailored jackets and shirts that could easily transform any wardrobe. It just takes a bit of imagination.

You got this!

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