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Homemade Chalky Paint Furniture Makeover

 After living with this chest for many years, I knew that I had to make a decision to keep it or let it go. The original dark color no longer fit in with my current aesthetic, but it was serving us well as a entryway table.  I loved that it had drawers that we could drop our keys and sunglasses into as we walked into the house. It was the perfect height. Decision made. I had to keep it! I decided to use some homemade chalky finish paint to make it pretty again. Recipe My paint recipe was simple: 1 part Plaster of Paris, 1 part water and parts latex paint.  Mix the water and Plaster of Paris together and then add this mixture to the paint.  This paint dries quickly and no sanding is necessary.  The only sanding that I did was when I had to fill holes and sand when I replaced the drawer pulls. Easy! Conclusion Basically, this do-it-yourself project required two coats of  my homemade chalky finish paint and four new drawer pulls. The drawer pulls were about $2.00 each from my local big bo

Table Makeover Using Chalk Paint

  I purchased my second-hand cherry wood dining room set online several years ago. I liked the deep, rich color, but I knew I would paint it white. I  eventually painted and upholstered the chairs, but I was hesitant to paint the table. I really don't know why.  Maybe it was its size or the fact that if I screwed up, I would  be stuck with a mess in my dining room. Any way, I eased into the project by painting just the table legs and sides.  I lived with that for two years until I finally got the nerve to go all the way and paint the table top.  How I Did It I used the color Saw Mill Gravy. It's an off-white, but has grey undertones, in my opinion.  I watered down the paint just a little because it was so thick.  I started the project with a paint brush and finished with a roller. To be honest, the paint roller should have been my go-to method from the jump. It was definitely the way to go for this flat surface.  Conclusion I love the results! The table has a nice chalky matte