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Lemon Decor Dollar Tree Tablescape and Review

I finally found a full set of those Dollar Tree lemon plates and it only took me five years! I went to, whew, I don't know how many Dollar Tree stores trying to complete the set! I had previously collected a few saucers,  mugs and glasses or stemware a couple of years ago but I could not find the plates.  Two years ago, I found a single plate. Last year, nothing. What's So Nice About Dollar Tree Lemon Dishes This year I was successful!  I found plates and bowls. I was so happy! Just so you know, these dishes are not cheap-looking. The colors are vibrant. The dishes (bowls, mugs, plates) have substantial weight to them. I know they're only a dollar, but I'd say they look just as good as other pricier merchandise out there.   So I did a lemon-themed tablescape that included green glassware and dishes that I had found at my local thrift stores. It felt so good to finally unpack my old lemon pieces and display them with my new stuff. My table looked awesome! For m

Budget-Friendly Lemon Vignette

  Lemons brighten any room, especially the kitchen. I created a quick vignette for my kitchen counter using budget-friendly items. What I Did First, I painted a thrifted ginger jar with white spray paint, giving it new life. This ginger jar was in my stash from a previous thrift haul. I paid $5 for it. I knew when I bought it that I would end up painting it. Here's my thinking: When I go into the thrift store, I try to imagine how I would use certain items. Even if the item is not in my preferred color, I try to think of ways to upcycle it to make it into something that would work for me. I arranged a few tall stems of faux lemon branches in the ginger jar. These were leftover stems purchased a few years ago. To complete the vignette, I placed a lemon-themed plate from the dollar store on an easel. Easy and so pretty! Not everyone decorates for the seasons. I do, just a little. Do you? Conclusion I ended up making three little vignettes for my kitchen counter using thrifted and dol