Lemon Decor Dollar Tree Tablescape and Review

I finally found a full set of those Dollar Tree lemon plates and it only took me five years! I went to, whew, I don't know how many Dollar Tree stores trying to complete the set! I had previously collected a few saucers,  mugs and glasses or stemware a couple of years ago but I could not find the plates. 

Two years ago, I found a single plate. Last year, nothing.

What's So Nice About Dollar Tree Lemon Dishes

This year I was successful!  I found plates and bowls. I was so happy! Just so you know, these dishes are not cheap-looking. The colors are vibrant. The dishes (bowls, mugs, plates) have substantial weight to them. I know they're only a dollar, but I'd say they look just as good as other pricier merchandise out there.  

So I did a lemon-themed tablescape that included green glassware and dishes that I had found at my local thrift stores. It felt so good to finally unpack my old lemon pieces and display them with my new stuff. My table looked awesome!

For more on my how you can do a lemon-themed tablescape, check out my Youtube video:

Don't wait to hit Dollar Tree for these dishes. You may have to go to more than one store to get a complete set, but it will be worth it!

Note: Dollar Tree has an online store, but you usually have to buy items in multiples.

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