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Peach Cobbler Easy Recipe

How are your baking skills? Well, I did a thing the other day. I made my very first peach cobbler! You couldn't tell me anything when that thing came out of the oven! And it was delicious!  I took the recipe from several sources. I watched a ton of videos and googled my little fingers off until I was sure I could pull it off.  Funny thing. My mother could whip up a peach cobbler in no time. The recipe was in her head. Hers was lightly sweet and juicy. And the dumplings! This was a thickening dough that floated around in her cobbler that gave it a spectacular consistency. Oh, my God! And there was no pre-made or store bought pie crust. Everything was from scratch.   Well, my mother was a better woman than I because I knew I wasn't going to be making anything from scratch! Let's be real. Regardless, I was going to give my first peach cobbler my best shot! Ingredients Needed For Peach Cobbler So, my final recipe was a blend of several that I had found online. Here's what y