Cleaning Hack For A Really Clean Toilet Lid

Looking for a tip to clean your toilet lid? This is a quick hack to clean the tiniest parts of your toilet. If you're like me, cleaning the bathroom is one job that you wish you could delegate. Unfortunately, no one can clean your house like you. Right?

So, you think you've cleaned and sanitized your toilet? Scrubbed it inside and out? How about those little screws on the inside of  the toilet seat lid ? I hate to say it, but "stuff "splashes into those tiny holes. Ewww!

I used to spray the entire toilet, including the lid, with my favorite cleaning products and then proceed to wipe everything down. While I did give some attention to those little screws in the lid, it occurred to me that I could do more. Right on my vanity was the answer. 

My Process

After spraying a little cleaning product on the inside of the lid, I use a few cotton swabs to really get into the tiny area housing the screws. I swab and swab until I am satisfied that the space is clean. How satisfying! 

How old were you when you discovered this hack? Please drop me a line if you have a similar hack. 

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