Healthy Eyecare Tip for Older Adults

Hey Fam! New eyeglasses! When was the last time you had an eye exam? I had Lasik 20 years ago, but some of my near-sightedness has returned.  Could be age! LOL! I don't need reading glasses though.  Thank goodness!  

Your eyes tell a lot about your overall health. As we get older, we need to pay more attention to what our eyes are telling us. Glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts are no joke! Stop putting it off and get an eye exam, y'all! Then take your prescription and order a few pairs of glasses online for a fraction of what your eye doctor charges. My new prescription eyeglasses are from Zinff Optical. So affordable! They also have a 30-day Fit & Style Guarantee which allows customers to make a reasonable replacement or return. 

Frames I'm Wearing: Palm

Discount code: Caron30  (10% off the lens, 50% off the frames)

If you decide to try @zinff.optical, feel free to use my discount code. They offer quality frames.  Delivery takes about 2 weeks. Your eyes will thank you!

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