Car Gadgets - Car Armrest Storage Box - Review

Another long road trip in the car and not enough space to hold an extra coffee container, bottle of water, napkins, phone? 

Well, I found a little thing to help me corral all those things and keep them close at hand should they be needed during the long ride. It's a CAR ARMREST STORAGE BOX from Amazon. 

It's lightweight and secures to most center console armrests with a simple Velcro strap.  Three detachable cup holders provide space for all your passengers' travel mugs. It's so functional that even your backseat riders can access it. I like that! 

I mean, I hate it when I go through a drive-through restaurant and I have no place to put the extra coffee cups or beverages that I just bought.

This storage box is great for dropping in your phone, tissues, hand sanitizer, gum, eyeglasses and other essentials.  It's the gadget you didn't know you needed!  Should you decide to purchase one, please feel free to use my 10% discount code Caron2022

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